Design Tools

Top Design Tools to Help You Work Smarter

Computer programs, media or objects used primarily for designs are known as design tools. Using these tools require high knowledge which in turn influences the style, production and impression of design ideas. Some of the top design tools include:

Illustrator CC

Gain super control with the most connected and sophisticated illustrator tool ever. This design tool allows you to scale, move and rotate individual characters as fonts can be changed at any moment.  Every drawing tool that can be used in converting simple colours and shapes into awesome graphics, logos and icons is available. As a vector created software, the illustrator can fit perfectly into sizes as large as billboards and also on the mobile and still retain its quality.

Indesign CC

Every type of design can be made with Indesign; this sophisticated software can design books, brochures, magazines and annual reports. Its professional typesetting and layout tool assists you to create multicolumn pages with images, tables, classy typography and quality graphics.

After Effects CC

Get powerful effects and timesaving features which include live 3D pipeline equipped with the Maxon Cinema 4D software. Other awesome features include a mask tracker which can be used for mask and effect application that navigates frame by frame all round your commixture. Affect Effects CC makes the combination of videos and images easy and removal of unwanted objects. You can choose from its huge collection of varied effects. The creation of VR videos and animations is made possible with this design tool.

Sketch 3

Powerful software that offers numerous fills, shadows per layer and several border types. With a classic interface, sketch is a user friendly tool for graphic and digital design.


Used mainly for image optimization, this tool locates the best compression parameters and eliminates unnecessary color profiles, unwanted invisible junks and comments. It perfectly resizes images which translate to freer disk space and speedy downloads. Some of the best image optimization tools contained in ImageOptim include PNGCrush, Google Zopfli, 7zip, Moz JPEG, PNGQuant and SVGO. Animations in JPEG, PHG and GIF formats can also be designed with this tool.


A perfect tool for prototyping, with InVision you can easily animate transitions and also add minute interactions to convert your fixed screen into functional prototypes. With this tool, you can transform your imaginations into sophisticated screen designs with spontaneous vector-based drawing and light layers.


Another powerful prototyping design tool that can be used to plan and come up with a great prototype you can simply give to your developer with no initial coding skill. Create wireframes, customer journeys and diagrams with features like slice and crop, connector mode and flow shape library. Lastly, with this tool, you can test and validate several designs with a prototype in order to make quality choices.

Framer Js

For your ideal animation and interaction creation, Framer is your best tool. It can easily be integrated with Photoshop and it’s also a better replacement to keynote, flash and Quartz composer. Responsive layouts and realistic design prototypes can be created with the Framer Js.


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