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The total C51 device market is ~$1.3Billion, making it the easily the leading 8 bit uC.
The C51 is also the most process-modern, small uC, now shipping in 0.25u FLASH.
The C51 controllers, provide the most powerful core in 20 pin packages, and with a range from 20 to 208 pins, and up to 100MIPS, offers the widest horsepower range of ANY microcontroller family.
With HW Mul/Div, True Boolean Processor, HW UART, INT Priority, multisourcing with over TWENTY FLASH chip suppliers, the C51 is squeezing the simpler cored, paged and single sourced, alternatives towards the 4 bit controller segment.

Volume prices for Small FLASH C51 cored controllers are well under $US1!

With a core OPTIMISED for Embedded Control, and Speeds to 100 MIPS (!), the C51 outperforms the simpler RISC controllers (AVR, ST6, PIC etc) in both CODE size, and Speed !

Examples of some recent 80C51 core releases.

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C51 Vendor Overview

Table of C51 Suppliers, and variants

SPL & CPLD Programming

Programming Tools for PLD

Atmel SPLD & CPLD Support

Design Services for Atmel SPLD/CPLD


Rapid Code Development for C51 cores

SW Benchmarks

Benchmarks of Mod51/IEC1131 with C51 cores

OEM products

Complete modules, to Speed Development

VGA-232 Display Card

RS232 to 640 x 400 x 16 Colour, Text plus Scalable FONT

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