Mandeno Granville OEM products

Mandeno Granville Electronics have designed a range of OEM Cards, for embedded designers. These complement our Tools range, and provide std building block solutions for common problems in embedded systems. This frees the system designer to concentrate on key features, and not with 're inventing' a standard building block.

OEM Product Description
VGA-232 Serial to VGA Display - enhanced
Emul517C EuroCARD Embedded Controller Plus CAN
Chip_PLC FLASH controller on Industry Opto-Module Backplane
RAD C51 Rapid SW Development, Advanced HLL tools for C51 cores

Emul517C EuroCARD Embedded Controller Plus CAN

The Emul517C is a short EuroCard PCB, with a MAX optioned Siemens 80C517A controller and an 81C90 CAN BUS interface.
It can be used as the core engine in many embedded tasks, and unlike 'biscuit card' solutions, Emul517C has full tools integration so system DEBUG is much easier.

  • 64K XDATA, 61K user CODE under the RAM hosted Debug
  • Full screen 'Borland' DbgX51, Multi Windowed, direct editing
  • Advanced HW : PLD + UART supports our Windowed DbgX51 debugger
  • Separate XTALS on C517, 81C90 and DebugUART
  • Smart PLD allows both RAM based DEBUG, & OEM EPROM Runtime
  • Debug Channel is separate, at 57.6K Baud, binary
  • CAN IO, RS485 IO, and RS232 IO Cnannels.
  • DIN41612 96 way connector
  • 12 Channels of fast 10 Bit A/D
  • 8 High speed 16 bit PWM channels
  • 32 Bit MATHS ALU

Chip_PLC - FLASH controller on Industry Opto-Module Backplane

Chip_PLC is a 16 Module Motherboard, that accepts industry Std Modules ( Opto22 / Grayhill ), with an on board FLASH Controller. It can replace PLC controllers, with performance matched to the target system.

  • 16 Modules, as 8 IP, and 8 I/O options
  • Fast 22MHz, Boolean Capable FLASH Controller, to 20K Bytes
  • Low cost Download / Run for simple projects
  • Full In System DEBUG available, for large designs
  • IEC1131 style Programming language available

Rapid Applications Development for C51's

The 'best fit' High Level language for the 89C2051, and up, is Mod51. Forget the vaporware products like java, and C++

Modula-2 / IEC1131 is the new REAL WORLD programming standard, more productive and easier to maintain than C, and far in advance of Assembler.

C usage has collapsed in the areas of Windows and Programmable Logic Controllers, and is now under threat on Embeddded controllers.

C will always be the 'lowest common denominator' for micro controllers, but when it needs to be reliable, tight, reusable, and easy to maintain, the choice is simple!

Dual language packages of ANSI C51 and Modula-2 also available, for those with code inertia

  • Significantly more productive than Assembler or C
  • Extensive support for ALL '51 architecture variants
  • Full use of the C51 BOOLEAN engine, including DeMorgan optimise
  • Tight code, often smaller than legacy assembler
  • Smallest PGM is 14 bytes, KbdScan in 59 Bytes, i2c in 107 bytes
  • All 2051 libraries are written in Mod51, Source included
  • Extensive libraries, expecially on 89C2051 and common IO
  • PL/M 51, Pascal, C translator/converters now available
  • Clean, readable syntax, safe and programmer portable

Mod51 / IEC1131 Keyword examples

IF BoolExp THEN .. ELSIF BoolExp2 THEN .. ELSE .. END
WHILE BoolExp DO .. END;
FOR Counter := 0 TO SIZE(Array)-1 DO
| Value : DoThis;
| Low..Upper : Range;
Overlay : BYTE AT P3
BitOvl : BOOLEAN AT P3.2;
StringH = '0123456789ABCDEF';
BinC = 2#1101_0110;
HexC = 0FFEFH;
NumC = 31300;
FloatC = 3.14159278;